1 Tartines

1.1 What does “Tartines” mean?

It means “toasts”. In French.

1.1.1 Why that name?

Because we randomly, arbitrarily decided so.

There is no deep meaning or pun intended behind that name.

1.1.2 Is that name not a source of issues?

As it happens, it appeared to have been a minor issue at least once.

In our defense, other groups used “ridiculous” names with success in the past. For example, the name of a fruit is also the name of a well known company.

1.2 What is the status of Tartines?

We define ourselves as a guild for two reasons:

  1. no other kind of organisation quite describes us, even though the term is ancient and often misused nowadays;
  2. although our actions are serious, we decided that we should not let ourselves be killed by lack of fun.

This means there is no company or association behind Tartines, just plain, old people.

1.3 What does Tartines do?

Our activities tend to vary a lot over time.

Some of the events we organised included conferences or the Great Free Pedagogical Library.

1.4 How can I join?

You can ask any member of the Council.

The Council will then vote your inclusion.

1.5 I want to organise XXX, would you help?

You should send your request directly to the Council.

The chances we would be willing to help a fellow event organiser are high if the event in question is in our panel of interests, although dependent on our immediate situation (free time, other events, available resources, and so on).

1.6 What do you mean by “we are a guild”?

There are several criteria that we considered before we started to use the word “guild”:

  1. We are an informal group of people whose sole common point is our willingness to fight for the same causes.
  2. We are willing to help each other, even in our daily lives or for personal matters.
  3. We are not being supported by a single, central legal structure, but we still maintain a common image and share resources.
  4. We take collective decisions regarding various matters, including the defense of our values or of our well-being.

The word “guild” seemed to describe the kind of organisation we are, and we adopted it in consequence. We recognize that the term seems ancient and out of place, but decided to ignore it.

2 Various

2.1 What is that Tartines Time Thing?

The Tartines Time is a variant of hexadecimal time in which day 0 is the creation of Tartines.