Current projects


« Grande Bibliothèque Pédagogique Libre »

Abreviated “GBPL”, its meaning in French is “Great Free Pedagogical Library”.

The GBPL is a (local) project that aims to gather and republish under a Free and Open Source license the pedagogical materials used by the University of Strasbourg's IT Faculty's teachers.

Though in its early stages, the project's main objective is to allow students' associations to produce a high quality learning documentation that can be freely edited and redistributed.

A secondary objective is to favor collaboration between the student body and the teaching body. We believe that both education and formation can only be achieved satisfyingly if teacher and student work together towards a common goal, requiring an horizontal transfer of knowledge, from peer to peer, with both parties working on equal ground.

Because the project is in its early stages, no online document can be provided for now. That should change before the end of the year (2017).

Wanted projects

Voting System

Tartines needs a tool to manage and publish the results of its votes.

Tartines' votes work a little differently from common votes in that they are confirmation votes instead of decisional ones. They work based on a system of veto and consensus.

Such a system would use XMPP for authentication and export its results over the web.

Free Culture

We are always looking for new opportunities to promote Free Software or Open Source Culture in other, possibly social domains.

We strongly believe that this philosophy is the only possible foundation for an open and working democracy and are willing to invest time and resources in its promotion or to help other organisations make a transition.